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I think if you ask any guy what Valentine’s Day means to them, they’ll most likely say something like, “Obligation.” If you ask a girl the same thing, they would say, “An expected date from my boyfriend or husband.” More than likely these are true about most people. Last minute flowers or card, topped off with the dreaded box of “mystery” chocolates, perfect (sarcasm).

Since Three Pennies is all about love, we figured we should do our part in creating…well…options instead of these unoriginal Valentine’s Day situations. We didn’t really know where to start so we went basic (aka, I asked Anna what she would want), and it all comes down to this, women want thoughtful gifts. Not just a date night at the Olive Garden for the umptenth time or some last minute effort  to impress her; the ladies want a sweet, sentimental and meaningful gift. I know I know I know, “This is year is going to be different,” you say, but you said that last year and all she got out of it was left overs. So without further anticipation (drum-roll optional):

Three Pennies is proud to present their first ever Valentine’s Day: Head Over Heals promo. That’s right…Three Pennies’ is bringing the love back in 2011! (Cue the sexy saxophone music).

Head Over Heals is pretty simple. We’re offering three different packets, each offering unique and sentimental products. Once you choose and purchase your perfect packet you will receive a sweet little gift card for your special someone to open on Valentine’s Day. Interested?! Below are all the lovely packet details.

Simply Smitten Silhouette Packet Includes: 1. Custom Silhouette of you and yours truly | 2. Two 8×10 Prints | = $100 (SAVING $32!)

Brownie Points Photo Session Packet Includes: 1. Full Photo Session | 2. Digital DVD of 25 High Resolution Images | 3. Two 5×7 Prints & One 8×10 Print | = $300 (SAVING $178!)

Better Than Roses Photo Session Packet Includes: 1. Full Photo Session | 2. Digital DVD of 35 High Resolution Images | 3. 5×5 Mini Album | = $400 (SAVING $200!)

Check out some of our previous couples sessions and contact us for your order!

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