Oh… how to explain this. Ok, one of my best friends (Tyler) has a sister (Caroline) who has been dating this guy (Matt) who really likes her and knew about Three Pennies because we did Caroline’s family photos last Christmas. But Matt didn’t want family photos, he wanted photos of  him proposing, live! Since I’d been working on my undercover skills for quite some time I was a natural fit and planned it like a pro. Finding a spot halfway in a tube slide about 30 yards away from the point of action I was able to go unnoticed by Caroline.

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After 30 minutes of laying low and sweating furiously, Matt and Caroline finally arrived. Below are a few shots I managed to fire off while simultaneously kicking pestring kids back down the slide. Obviously some of these happened once Caroline figure out I was there; hint, she’s looking at the camera in those photos. Now, if anyone reading this would love to pull off a secret proposal photo session, Three Pennies are now the only undercover creatives in Georgia.

Check out their engagement session!

One thought on “Three Pennies Undercover

  1. Phil,
    Thank you so much for sweltering undercover to get these shots. Every time we look at them, we experience every emotion from that night all over again! We are so glad that Tyler is one of your best friends, that he has a sister, and that Matt really likes her :)
    ~ Matt and Caroline

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