Three Pennies - Photo Booth

I was inspired to write this post once I stumbled upon this old photo strip that’s above. It surprised me at first 1) because that’s me in the glasses with the crazy teeth and 2) I totally forgot about this image. This photo strip took me back to one of our infamous family vacation (the other two girls are my cousins), and if I remember right, this was at some sketchy arcade in Panama City Beach, Florida that had a photo-booth.

Good news, this photo will soon be framed on the wall. The best part about this photo-booth strip is it reminds me how timeless and hilarious booths are. There is something about the old curtain, the flash lighting, and the authentic vintage coloring that makes these photos so incredible. I’m excited to say that this past fall Three Pennies added a photo booth service to our wedding clients. Several of our couples have decided to use a photo-booth album as a creative way to replace the traditional guest book (Now, selfishly I wished we thought of this for our wedding). The whole guest book tradition at the weddings always puzzled me, but a fun book with photo-booth images of all your friends posing with props and writing wedding advice is something most of us would actually keep out on the coffee table. What’s also perfect is actually remembering who came to your wedding and having a photo of them for you look back on. So many brides say the whole wedding day was such a blur that they can’t even remember who was all there!  Add a photo-booth… problem solved!

To make the photo booth experience even more fun is the unlimited amount of props! Three Pennies has had a lot of fun with the mustaches and lips, and we got so pumped when we added some chalk bubbles for people to write messages on. And this photo booth idea isn’t exclusively for weddings, but would be great for parties, events, or anything else you can think of! Next weekend we are actually doing a father-daughter photo-booth! How cute is that going to be… (we’ll definitely post some up after the event!).

Here are a few fun shots we’ve done so far with several weddings. (And yes…Philip and I had to jump in the photo booth so brace yourselves…)

Three Pennies - Photo BoothThree Pennies - Photo BoothThree Pennies - Photo BoothThree Pennies - Photo BoothThree Pennies - Photo BoothThree Pennies - Photo BoothThree Pennies - Photo Booth

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