The dream of Three Pennies has always been to grow. We’d love to have a team of incredible people that are all focused on celebrating marriage. Whether that’s Kim with the business side of things or our newest addition, Sterling


When Three Pennies first began the process of adding another photographer, we thought we knew what we wanted; Sterling quickly set the bar even higher. It’s such a rare thing to find a person that is great at all aspects of photography, realting to people, technical knowledge, creative vision …etc, that’s why we feel so blessed to have Sterling with us. I know we mentioned this before but it needs to be repeated because it’s so ridiculous, he shot his first full wedding on his own when he was 16. He has such a magnetic personality that anyone feels totally at ease around him. Sterling also has an incredible desire to make his wedding couples feel loved. He is so intentional with developing a relationship with them that by their wedding day he’s not just a guy with a camera anymore, he’s a friend.

The main reason we hired Sterling, or anyone, was his heart. We want to work alongside people that have a genuine passion for loving others. Sterling’s heart is huge and his talent is only going to grow. Three Pennies is lucky to have him for this season and we can’t wait to see what his future turns out to be.


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