It’s usually Philip who writes most of the blog posts but Three Pennies’ has decided to try out a new genre of post that he knows absolutely nothing about. So, for you Sunday read, you’ll enjoy the writing of the other half, Anna.

A couple months ago I ¬†started on this fun little silhouette project which eventually became our family’s Christmas gift. Since then, I have been itching to somehow incorporate this into Three Pennies. Beautiful, simple, timeless silhouettes that add such a personal touch to almost anything. My mind has been racing with ideas on where we can use them: classic wedding invitations, linen pillows, hanging decor plates….even a sweet Valentine’s card with you and your sweet someone’s silhouette profiles (ok several of those are ideas are for our own home decor but hey they’re still fun ideas!). I know I could keep rambling on, but I thought the best ideas would probably come from you guys. What do you think we could use them as? But the better question would probably be, would you like to use them? This is perfect timing for us to know because we are building up our photo packages for our Valentine’s Day promo and wondered if adding custom silhouettes would be fun. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Until then, check out the fun profile¬†silhouettes of my family…hopefully that will get your creative minds running.

Feel free to post your ideas in the comment box below or on our facebook page!

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3 thoughts on “Three Pennies: Crafty

  1. Funny – I did painted silhouettes of the kids for Alex for Christmas too!

    How about mugs? I love how you have them paired above, and I think a his-n-hers mug set would be pretty stinkin’ cute.

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