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As I begin to write this post, I already know that I’m not going to do our Philippines trip justice. How do you explain a trip where you saw life change happen in 48 people?  Like with last years trip, we all set out with expectations of what we thought we would experience, and within days we were in awe of what we were a part of.

The Philippines trip through GlobalX was amazing. We got to work with an international partnership church called Quest. Our team partnered with them to work where they needed us most. Whether is was making their church look better, delivering care packages to patients at the local hospital, or creating an event for local high schoolers to teach them about leadership. The best way to see our entire trip would be to check out the blog we kept up while we were there,

Anna and I have always known there is more to life that success or status. In our hearts we know that the greatest satisfaction is found in relationships and serving others. After a week of doing nothing but serving in a community that needed us and investing in our own high school students, we’ve come away with a renewed vision of life. It’s a breath of fresh air to realize that we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves.

I can’t explain everything in one post, but seriously, our door is always open to anyone that wants the full story. Thanks so much to all who sponsored our trip or followed our journey. We think that EVERY single person needs to experience a trip like this at least once.

Hope you enjoy a few photos from the trip.



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