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It seems like yesterday, but all those years ago the main reason Anna & I started Three Pennies was to escape our 9-5s & allow us more time to work with each other. These past few years have not only brought us closer to each other but they have introduced us to some of the best people we’ve ever known. While Three Pennies has always been a way to creatively capture the beautiful story of others, we’ve simultaneously become involved with an incredible community of friends & like minded businesses. Working alongside so many brides has also increased the strength of our own marriage by consistently challenging us to keep our love simple & pure. All of our brides have given us so much encouragement & excitement when we needed it the most. Our main wish for all our couples has always been that their joy & satisfaction in each other continues to thrive throughout their marriage.

Three Pennies has been through so much over the past years. We’ve worked with some great people that we could not have ever been able to do this without. As our lives move forward, Three Pennies continues to change. After two years & many conversations, Morgan has courageously decided to head on to pursue her own photography. We could not be more proud of her decision and the artist she has become. She has been such a light in our lives. Morgan is incredibly talented & her heart is solid gold. She has such a passion for adventure & she needs to move into a season of exploring! We’d love you send her some encouragement & start following all that she’s doing.

From the beginning we knew that we were getting a steal with Kim. Her mind for business & efficiency blows us away & she is WAY over qualified for what we’ve got her doing. We are pumped to say that she to is going on her own as well! Her passion is taking people from where they are into success & balance. Beginning this year she will be starting a company that partners with creatives, entrepreneurs, or really anyone that wants to become their best self,  & coaches them towards the success they desire for themselves & their businesses.

As for me & Anna, well, we are in a new phase of life. Last August we found out that we are expecting a little one in May of 2014. We are beyond thrilled for what is to come & can’t wait to be Momma Anna & Pappa Phil. When we stepped back & looked at what we wanted for our life as a family we decided that we wanted this year to be as simple, peaceful, & as intentional as possible. Pre-baby we’ve had the luxury of going anywhere/doing anything at a moments notice but now we want to make sure we are leaving adequate room for the start of a family.

With Kim & Morgan heading on their own & Anna needing to spend a lot of time at home, we thought it would be best to simplify Three Pennies. In short, we will be shooting a limited amount of weddings in the 2014 season. Instead of Anna 2nd shooting with me, now I’ll have a handful of amazing photographers that will assist me on the day of the wedding. Anna will still be involved with stylizing our engagement sessions & also hold the creative director role of all the imagery & brand elements. We feel like this is the best way to keep our image quality & also have margin to handle this next stage of life. We’ll still keep this blog up to date with the weddings as we shoot them & info on new things we will be doing. All in all we are striving for peace this year, & we know the only way to truly have that is if we are really intentional with our time.


In the meantime Anna is getting back into graphic design. For those of you who don’t know, this is her passion. We will be excited to share more details about her up coming projects and keep you in the loop with her work.

I’m actually going to split time with all my photography work  & a collaborative working space project I’ve had on my mind for a while. I’ll be launching info on that soon & you can keep up with that if you like with all the info here —> phil’s stuff.

I know this was a long post & with all that said, we couldn’t be more thankful for your support over the years. 100% we wouldn’t be where we are today without your love & encouragement. Life is a crazy thing, but it is a journey & ours is taking us into new territory. With a hearts full of excitement we say, “CHEERS!” We hope to continue relationships with you all through our individual social media outlets below.

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Phil: twitterinstagramblog 

We love you all!

First photo taken by the amazing Mary Caroline Mann.



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  1. Congratulations you guys!! I met Kim last week since she’s staying with my friends, and I absolutely love her! Also, if you guys need a second shooter, I’d always LOVE to help!


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