If there ever was a “you just had to be there” photo shoot… it was Mandy JOY Millers (don’t know why but I really like putting her middle name in all caps). Possibly the most energetic photography sessions Three Pennies has ever done. So I’ll just list the awesomeness and you can try and imagine it.

Mandy is a dang good vocalist so our time together was packed full of these random but wonderful stents vocal wonder. She would sing them as if they were part of her sentence, like, “So you want me to stand here (Barely audible melody with incredible vocal range)?” Not only would she sing for us but anything we asked her to do, no questions, Mandy just went for it. Whether it was stand here, sit there, look like this, lay down in that grass, give us all your money…etc, good as done. Perhaps the best part of the day was when we were shooting at this abandoned house and Mandy (garden fanatic) noticed something resembling mint, plucked a leaf off it, ate it, and said, “Yep, it’s mint!”

Thanks to Mandy, Three Pennies got to add some great stuff to the ever growing portfolio and now have enough mint to go around. Check out Mandy’s stuff at www.mandyjoymiller.com! Also, FYI Mandy is kind of a TOMS lover…ish.

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