It’s a rare opportunity that Three Pennies has the chance to shoot an actual proposal, but we always love a good challenge.

When Brian asked if we would want to travel down to Hilton Head, SC to capture him proposing to Emily, we just couldn’t resist. Emily’s family was vacationing at the beach all week so we thought it would be the perfect time to catch her by surprise.  We ran through all the scenarios of trickery to come up with an elaborate plan to make it believable that they would run into us 300 miles away from home. Since Brian is a videographer, we decided that I would call him saying that I “accidentally” left a lens back in Atlanta that I needed for a Three Pennies’ “wedding” Anna and I were shooting in Hilton Head that weekend. He would “conveniently” have it with him and we’d coordinate a time to drop it off that saturday morning before they headed back home. Brian decided to use the moss covered oaks at Coastal Discovery Center as the backdrop for the proposal.

Emily showed up with Brian to give us the lens, the whole time thinking we’re just a couple of terrible wedding photographers forgetting lenses and all. Also, unbeknownst to Emily, her entire family was hiding in the distance. We made small talk for a second then asked them to stand in a spot so I could test the lens. Finally, after all that planning, driving, sneaking, and preparation, Brian finally popped the question. Emily literally was airborne in seconds. It was a resounding “YES!”

We are so thrilled for these two. Brian and Emily have such huge hearts and a love for each other that is powerful. There’s no denying they’re meant to be. Seeing these two family’s come together to witness their two loved ones commit to a lifetime of each other was so impactful. The moments after the proposal will stay with us forever.

Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of what we saw.

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  1. I’m obsessed with these two! Way to go . . . you captured this moment beautifully! Love all of you!

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