Each one of our Three Pennies’ brides and grooms have such a great story and as photographers, we get the unique opportunity to show their love and relationship through their stylized engagement session.

We met up with Alex and Charlie only a few months ago and loved how they have this laid back take on life mixed with a simple desire to be with one another. The two of them are naturals in front of the camera and also were willing to cut up a little for some really fun shot! Our stylized shoots usually take us to places we have to adventure to, and this one was no acceptation; driving through open fields, wondering through waist high grass and stepping in some not so awesome things. All this excitement is part of the engagement session and Alex and Charlie far exceeded our expectations. We simply had a blast with them.

Alex and Charlie’s wedding is just a few weeks away and we are already looking forward to spending another day with them!

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From the beginning we new that Nalee and Daniel would fit great with Three Pennies. They both have such an endearing love for one another and knew that was all that matters. Throughout the wedding day they never got caught up in all the hustle and bustle, but just enjoyed the fact this was THEIR wedding day. Even when Daniel’s suit was accidentally swapped at the tailors they were both in great spirits.

Nalee and her bridesmaids brought the beauty and Daniel and his groomsmen brought the laughs all through the day. Their wedding was a true celebration of the love these two have for each other. Three Pennies was blessed to take part in such a beautiful wedding.

Hope you enjoy the images!
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