North Georgia, Dawsonville, Fall, Mary Alice Park and brunch don’t really mean anything by themselves, but once you add Marrilee and Jason to the mix it all changes. Three Pennies has been holding on to this wedding for far too long and couldn’t be more excited to share it with you today.

The sun was rising as the Three Pennies PHOTOBOOTH went up with 31 degree weather and ridiculous winds, but still smiles were everywhere. From the minister to the caterers, everyone there were close friends and family, and love was the theme of the day. Merrilee, so calm and beautiful; Jason, a genuine and kind spirited fellow both committed their lives together on November 5th, 2011 to a life of love and friendship.

After the morning wedding and brunch reception was completed (and Jason struggling to get the 6 speed Porsche out of the parking lot) we finally made it to the couple’s session. M and J were finally alone and able to enjoy each other’s company. We were honored to be there for that moment and to be able to capture it. Their adventurous couples session was easily one of our top sessions of the year.

As always, the hope of Three Pennies is that these images accurately capture our couple and inspire love in those that view them.



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