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Spring is here so that means Three Pennies is getting back in the swing-o-thangs!

First, before I get too far, let it be known Courtney & Ryan have hearts of gold. Some of the most caring souls on earth. As elated as I am to capture the wedding of these two, I’m forever grateful to call them friends.

This stylized engagement was less of a shoot & more like a really good hang. We hopped all over the city finding rooftops, views, parking decks, & assorted greenery to place them in front of. They were champs as we battled that wonderful atlanta traffic. It’s amazing the variety of places we found & I think the spontaneity of the shoot represented them well. I loved adventuring with them.

Courtney & Ryan get it. They have a simple love, but it’s honest & true. They deeply care for quality relationships & you can see that they are strong together. Above all, they serve so so well. I loved watching them be themselves & to be able to capture that was amazing.

Their engagement shoot just made me that much more in love with these two & I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them.

Here are a few images from our day together.



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