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Wedding photography has been part of my life for years now. Each year we seem to grow together. Meeting new people, going to new places, & challenging each other. Ever since Three Pennies decided to scale down our wedding commitments, things have been changing rapidly. I’ve decided to only work with 10 wedding couples a year & truly give everything I have to those weddings. I’ve been shooting other genres of photography as well as starting a new venture which has been inspiring me like crazy. I love how shooting different genres & challenging yourself in other areas makes photographing weddings seem fresh again.

A  few weeks ago was a perfect example of the weddings I do best with. Morgan & Jeff are still dreamers. They believe that life is just getting starting & that their wedding is a celebration of young love & a beautiful life to come.

When I first met these two I was immediately taken by their adventurous spirit & calling to the outdoors. That free spirit mixed with the tactful taste of Morgan, came together for a incredible wedding. I can’t get over how much fun a wedding can be if it simply & truly represent the wedding couple. That’s what Morgan & Jeff did & capturing their story was a pleasure.

Hope you enjoy some of the images from this wedding at Vinewood.

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