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About Us

“Photography that celebrates couples saying yes to forever.”

BEHIND THE LENS: Three Pennies was originally created to take beautiful photos and have a blast with each and every couple. It’s only been a short while but we’ve already realized that there is so much more to what we do, and also, what we would like to accomplish. We’ve realized throughout this journey that there is usually an extreme void between photographer and… well everyone on the other side of the camera. We have discovered that once the camera goes up the person on the other side of the lens changes. As a company, we want to redefine what it means to have a wedding photographer. We think this relationship should be a great experience… not a disaster. Three Pennies’ wants every bride to feel beautiful and every groom to feel engaged, but most importantly we want to capture candid moments. We don’t want to loose the tradition of photography just the tradition of bad experiences.

Three Pennies is no where near a big photography studio, but we still found it necessary to establish a statement to keep us focused and on the right path. Our mission statement helps to clarify our main goal to our wedding couples and also constantly reminds us of what we want to strive for. If we strip everything away and look at the core of  Three Pennies’ services, what we want most is to come alongside a bride and groom and uniquely capture the celebration of their marriage through photography.

OUR NAME: A few years ago, a dear friend of ours started leaving Anna three pennies every once and a while as a little reminder that she loved her. Each penny stood for a word and together they said, “I Love You.” It just seemed natural to choose this as our name. We are in love, we capture love, and all we want in this world is love. We are always growing but we will never grow out of the name or its meaning.