Ok, I (Anna) got really excited about the comments we received from our silhouette idea and decided to run with some product ideas! (Side-note) If you haven’t had a chance to look, earlier this week we made a Valentine’s Day packet of custom silhouettes for couples. We are also throwing in two 8×10 prints for FREE  with the packet so check it out if that sparks your interest. After Sunday’s post I thought of some more ways Three Pennies can custom design your personal silhouettes and today I’m going to show you! I’d LOVE to hear what you think about these, so feel free comment below with any more ideas on this fun project.

If you’re thinking “ok, I really think I want one of these,” then you’ll be happy to know how easy it is on your end for this to happen. I just need a profile picture of who you want the silhouette of….that’s it! And I’ll admit, when I did my family’s silhouettes, I just texted them to take a picture on their phone and text it back to me….seriously…it was that easy. Then I just do my thang and create a vector file (which means we can make it any size you need without getting fuzzy). Below are eight different options for your silhouette, my personal favorite is definitely the Mix & Match.

So which one would look best on your wall? We’d love to know what you liked best!

7 thoughts on “A Modern Twist on Vintage Art

  1. Stef! Can’t wait to do your sweet little family silhouette ; ) I’m super excited to see how your dog profiles will turn out!

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