Sir Phineas Jasper Jartos, born August 2, 2010 and already way cooler than I’ll ever be. Phin was awsome and Three Pennies was pumped to take photos of such a cool kid; not nearly as excited as Phin’s big sister Coco who spent 10 minutes doing a happy dance once we got there. The shoot was full of bubbles, nearly thrown out backs, neighborhood kids bombing down hills narrowly escaping death and the ever so calm Phinny. Abby and Alex (the proud parents) are some the of neatest peeps on the planet and have helped us so much over the past year. Taking pictures of their incredible Phin was the least we could do.

7 thoughts on “8 Days Old & Already The Man

  1. Holy crow – I’m bawling. You guys are just completely amazing! I can’t thank you enough for capturing our little crew.

  2. Hi There!

    Well, this pictures are outstanding! What a great job you did! Thanks for capturing this very special time in my grandchildren’s sweet lives!

    Abby’s Mom

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