About a year ago one of our dear friends, Andy Brophy, went out on a limb and started something that was very dear to his heart. As easy as it may seem to do that, we know how hard it is to start something worthwhile and well done. We can’t even tell you how proud we are of him and all his work towards, not only creating an incredible company but also, affecting the lives of so many.

Love Gives Way was started as a way to contribute to the fight against sex-trafficking in our own city of Atlanta. LGW partnered with local organization Wellspring Living who rescues, restores, and renews girls and women that have been victims of the sex-trafficking industry. It’s a disgusting and awful thing, but Wellspring is bringing light into that darkness. Spend a few minutes and find out more about them here –> The War on Sex-Trafficking.

LGW is a group of wedding vendors that have all united under the LGW umbrella to give our craft and a portion of our proceeds to Wellspring Living. Love Gives Way allows us a chance for us to a make difference as a whole that wouldn’t possible as individuals.

The best way you can help is to spread the word. Follow the LGW story here -> facebook, here-> twitter, and here-> instagram. If you book our photobooth [or any other vendor] through them you get extra incentives and a percentage of the proceeds go to Wellspring Living. There are tons of other amazing vendors so be sure and check them all out.

love gives wayThere is no greater satisfaction than bettering local community with local community.