A few weeks ago Anna and I set out for Kenya. This trip has been on my mind for years and finally the stars aligned just right for this adventure to happen. My family lived in a small town in Kenya called Kitale, where my dad worked with the Pokot, a local tribe. Since we left 15 years ago I’ve had a longing to go back with the only agenda being to re-visit all those friends and places that we loved so much.

When we landed in Nairobi, I knew this trip was going to be huge. It’s a very surreal feeling to lay eyes on the places that until then were only memories. Immediately sites, sounds, and smells seemed so familiar and in a strange way I felt home. Our trip was in three parts. We spent one week visiting my hometown. Having no idea where the people that worked with us were or even the exact address to our old house, we were on the hunt from the beginning. Amazingly we stayed in a hostel only 1/2 a mile from my old house and were able to connect with all the Kenyans my parents worked with. Our hearts were so full re-living all these memories and sharing photos of everything from so long ago.

Anna had never been to Kenya so when we spent the second week on a safari in the Maasai Mara she was speechless. First off, the camp we were staying was one of the nicest places we’ve ever stayed. Our tent was right on the Mara River and hippos would walk between the tents at night. We’d have breakfast right near a watering hole where elephant, giraffe, and all sorts of animals were only 100ft from us. It was indescribable seeing all the wildlife up close on the most amazing landscape we’d ever seen. Our photos only give a glimpse of what we saw. There truly is nothing like seeing the rains come rushing across the Kenya plains.

Our last week was spent with some dear friends at the Kijabe Cure Hospital. Cure is an organization one of our friends works with and they sponsor surgeries for kids from all over Kenya. The hospital was an incredible thing to witness and the kids in there were nothing but smiles and laughter. We did a few photos here but we mostly just spent time loving on the kids before and after their surgeries.

All in all this trip was the best adventure we’ve had so far and so much more than we could describe. It’s a unique experience to take on another culture for several weeks. We loved our time there and highly recommend everyone go at least once. We’ve posted about 1/10,000 of the images we took but I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Kitale Market

A lot of family memories at Kitale Golf Club.

Lake Victoria

Spot the leopard. 

Evening rains coming into the mara.

One of Anna’s top moments at the elephant orphanage.  

We always love photographing couples in their element. Ashlea & Daniel enjoy spending time outdoors, especially the lake; so we spent some of their engagement session by the water! It was also fun to use a little prop we created to incorporate a sweet phrase significant to their relationship…

“I Love You More Than Anything”

This sweet, adventurous couple was a privilege to capture. Kimberly is such a beautiful bride-to-be and a joy to be around. Her fiance, Zach, has a strong servants heart and is refreshingly chivalrous. Kimberly & Zach love each other so well and we are excited to celebrate forever with them.

“Love bares all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:7