If there ever was a “you just had to be there” photo shoot… it was Mandy JOY Millers (don’t know why but I really like putting her middle name in all caps). Possibly the most energetic photography sessions Three Pennies has ever done. So I’ll just list the awesomeness and you can try and imagine it.

Mandy is a dang good vocalist so our time together was packed full of these random but wonderful stents vocal wonder. She would sing them as if they were part of her sentence, like, “So you want me to stand here (Barely audible melody with incredible vocal range)?” Not only would she sing for us but anything we asked her to do, no questions, Mandy just went for it. Whether it was stand here, sit there, look like this, lay down in that grass, give us all your money…etc, good as done. Perhaps the best part of the day was when we were shooting at this abandoned house and Mandy (garden fanatic) noticed something resembling mint, plucked a leaf off it, ate it, and said, “Yep, it’s mint!”

Thanks to Mandy, Three Pennies got to add some great stuff to the ever growing portfolio and now have enough mint to go around. Check out Mandy’s stuff at www.mandyjoymiller.com! Also, FYI Mandy is kind of a TOMS lover…ish.

Sir Phineas Jasper Jartos, born August 2, 2010 and already way cooler than I’ll ever be. Phin was awsome and Three Pennies was pumped to take photos of such a cool kid; not nearly as excited as Phin’s big sister Coco who spent 10 minutes doing a happy dance once we got there. The shoot was full of bubbles, nearly thrown out backs, neighborhood kids bombing down hills narrowly escaping death and the ever so calm Phinny. Abby and Alex (the proud parents) are some the of neatest peeps on the planet and have helped us so much over the past year. Taking pictures of their incredible Phin was the least we could do.

Oh… how to explain this. Ok, one of my best friends (Tyler) has a sister (Caroline) who has been dating this guy (Matt) who really likes her and knew about Three Pennies because we did Caroline’s family photos last Christmas. But Matt didn’t want family photos, he wanted photos of  him proposing, live! Since I’d been working on my undercover skills for quite some time I was a natural fit and planned it like a pro. Finding a spot halfway in a tube slide about 30 yards away from the point of action I was able to go unnoticed by Caroline.

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After 30 minutes of laying low and sweating furiously, Matt and Caroline finally arrived. Below are a few shots I managed to fire off while simultaneously kicking pestring kids back down the slide. Obviously some of these happened once Caroline figure out I was there; hint, she’s looking at the camera in those photos. Now, if anyone reading this would love to pull off a secret proposal photo session, Three Pennies are now the only undercover creatives in Georgia.

Check out their engagement session!

When Anna and I were first figuring out the “look” we wanted for Three Pennies, I remember seeing other photographer’s work and wondering, “How in the world am I going to make the couples I work with look that happy?” The simple answer, photograph the couples that are in love. No greater example than Daniel and Becca. The shoot was mostly laughing, tire swinging, bug bites and an occasional photo. Ahhh, we love our jobs.

Happy 6th Anniversay D&B!